The Graduate Moves Back Home: Alternate Time Zone

Our graduate is looking kind of sad here, but donít be fooled.† Her dramatic flair serves her well, as our video illustrates.† My friendís daughter, after receiving her Bachelor’s degree from an elite East Coast Liberal Arts college, has moved back home for the year.† (If you havenít met †her before, start the story here.)† You may be thinking my friend is behaving a bit like a dormouse with the Mad Hatter, (a.k.a. door MAT, for those who have forgotten their Lewis Carroll).† Suffice it to say that living with an adult child can be a challenge to oneís backbone as well as one’s nerves!

This monthís Financial Literacy lessons are especially good for high school students.† Lesson 7 covers the rule of 72, and Lesson 8 deals with the all-important topic of creditóhow to establish a good credit record and use credit wisely. †Check my†Video and Downloads†page for more.