The Graduate Moves Back Home: What’s For Dinner?

Time to check in on my friendís daughter again. † She’s moved back home after college. †If you havenít met her yet, start the story here.† While more and more of us in the Sandwich Generation are finding ourselves in this situation, it is definitely a MIXED BLESSING, as our video illustrates!† We all want our children to achieve independence, and a good foundation in financial literacy can help.

To this end, Iíll be posting †a series of Financial Literacy lesson plans from the Virginia Council on Economic Education.† If you like, give them a try on your kids. Financial Literacy Lessons 1 and 2†cover the concepts of long- and short-term goals, savings, setting priorities, and making tradeoffs.† Lesson 1 is for older students, grades 6 to 12, and Lesson 2 is for third to fifth graders.††† Warning:† it may be necessary to serve cake or some other excellent snack during the exercise!† Check back to my Video and Downloads page for more.