Working a Little After You Retire

What should you remember as you look for a job? Finding work at age 60 or 65 is decidedly harder than finding work at 30 or 35. It can be done, but there are key things to keep in mind.

You should be open to different kinds of work. Employers sometimes regard older jobseekers as inflexible—resistant to new technologies and unwilling to accept variations from their established occupations. Communicate that you are evolving in your life and career, learn a cutting-edge technology to return to the forefront, and be professionally active on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

You should accept that you may earn less for work you enjoy doing. In some professions, your pay may be based mostly on your current skills, not your years in the workplace.

Apply to businesses that draw older clients and customers. Or, aim for an encore career that services your peers. Smaller firms usually draw fewer job applicants, giving you a chance to be a bigger fish in a smaller pool. Also, see if you can get directly in touch with the hiring manager for the organization or company; that can be a plus.

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