Celebrate Giving Back During National Volunteer Week

Honor those who serve and inspire us to serve, April 18-24, 2021.

Supporting those in need is one of the most rewarding things we can do. We offer support to those we can, and we offer thanks to those who pick us up when we are in need.

It was in that spirit in 1974 that President Richard Nixon established National Volunteer Week (NVW), a time to promote volunteerism and honor those who have served as volunteers. The holiday has since been proclaimed by every U.S. President.

Nearly 50 years later, the Points of Light (POL) organization has taken the lead in the U.S in organizing NVW. “The world is full of heroes — individuals with a desire to help, nonprofits identifying needs, corporations with resources — but it’s not always easy to bring them together,” the organization states on its website. “Points of Light and our global network help forge new connections, inspiring and accelerating people-powered change in communities around the world. We believe everyone has the power to create change. Every action, no matter how small, is significant.”

As its mission, POL strives to create the world’s largest volunteer community, and NVW helps raise awareness for those efforts with thousands of volunteer projects and events scheduled throughout the week. “Today, as people strive to lead lives that reflect their values, the expression of civic life has evolved. Whether online, at the office, or the local food bank; whether with a vote, a voice, or a wallet – doing good comes in many forms, and we recognize and celebrate them all,” POL says.

As part of National Volunteer Week, POL seeks to recognize volunteers in three ways: ƒ

Spread the Word: Get logos, social media graphics, sample messages, and more to help promote National Volunteer Week and volunteer events. ƒ

Daily Point of Light Stories: Be inspired by volunteers who lend their time, talent, and voice to the causes they care about. ƒ

Nominate a Daily Point of Light: Recognize the extraordinary volunteers who make a meaningful difference in your community.

Does your organization work with volunteers? If so, celebrating NVW promises to be different in light of COVID-19, with virtual events replacing traditional in-person events. To help show volunteers your appreciation, you can share a video message, host an online Zoom meeting to thank volunteers, post social media messages that offer thanks, and even call a volunteer and thank them one-on-one.

Looking to become a volunteer? You can find thousands of virtual and in-person volunteer opportunities throughout the world via the POL online database. Help recognize the volunteers in your life during National Volunteer Week by thanking them for their selfless service and contributions. For more information and National Volunteer Week, visit the Points of Light website: www.pointsoflight.org.


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