Retirement Planning

There is a big difference between investing for retirement and living in retirement.

The Principled Solutions team will help you make the right retirement decisions, including plans for withdrawal, budgeting, investments, Social Security, Medicare, pension payouts, and senior living.

Leading up to retirement, investors rightly focus on total return, with a defined, yet adjustable time horizon, making the impact of market declines more manageable.

But once an investor is retired, the emphasis shifts dramatically to capital preservation and income, with an unknowable time horizon. Most of us will live longer than we imagine, and our funds must weather inflationary periods, market shocks, and high healthcare costs as we age.

We have nearly 30 years of experience shepherding people through this transition, during some of the largest shocks in stock market history.

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Sustainable Investing

Many people want to make a difference though values-based or socially responsible investing (SRI), while also expecting attractive returns.

Principled Solutions has managed SRI strategies since our inception in 1985. Our experience (and a wealth of research) shows that doing good with your money has the potential to yield comparable returns to traditional investing.

Whether your interest is ecologic sustainability, poverty, anti-pollution, fair labor practices, or corporate ethics, we will help you find investment options sensitive to these values. We are unique in offering both variety and flexibility in SRI investing.

We create customized SRI strategies, selecting the best performers in each asset class, and using consistently rigorous due diligence and oversight.


Caring for Your People

"Sandwich Generation" adults struggle to care for aging parents and children at the same time.

“Sandwich generation” caregivers must often manage both their own and their loved ones’ finances.

Principled Solutions brings deep experience to both ends of the “sandwich generation” spectrum. We can assist you in getting your parents’ finances in order, including managing retirement savings, establishing estate documents and powers of attorney*, transferring assets when one parent dies, and discussing options for long-term care.

Regarding your children, we offer practical strategies for college savings, custodial accounts, legacies, and maintaining good credit. (We even have opinions about your kids’ allowance!)

As you support the emotional and financial needs of parents and children, we can help you make the right financial decisions for your family.